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Azov Developers Meetup

Logos and various printed and promo stuff for the Azov Developers Meetup, a software development trends event organized by Arcadia that takes place in Taganrog. Samples from 2018 and 2019.

Logos 2018 and 2019
Logos 2016-2018 and 2019
Badges 2018
Badges 2019
Badges 2019
Entrance sign
Entrance sign

Ostromir watches

Design of watches and accessories for a new brand, an homage to Russian
avantgarde art and late Soviet era wristwatch design.

The Watch


The Brand

The name of the brand was meant to combine the idea of tradition with that of the avant-garde. Ostromir is a real ancient name which nowadays sounds at once ancient and futuristic, if it hasn’t existed since about 800 AD, it could have been invented by some avant-garde poet. The graphics are meant to evoke Kandinsky’s abstractions and Malevich’s suprematist experiments.

4th MoU Conference logo

UN conference logo

Logo for the 4th MoU conference (Universities that signed the Memorandum of Understanding with the UN), held in St. Petersburg in 2015. The sign was adopted by the UN for further use in all conferences of this type.

St. Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation

School of Translation Logo

Logo for the St Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation at the Herzen University, a cooperative effort of the Linguistic Service of the Russian MFA, the Commission of European Communities and the United Nations. 2013-2015

St. Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation